Southern African Institute of Ecologists and Environmental Scientists

How to Register

Joining SAIEES is easy! After examining the membership requirements below, you will need to download an application form, complete it carefully and thoroughly, and submit it by fax, post or email to the Secretariat. You will also need to identify two members of SAIEES, who are in good standing with the Institute, and who agree to act as referees for your application. They in turn will need to download a confidential 'Referees Form', complete it on your behalf and forward it to us.

Application for Professional or Academic Membership

According to Clause 3.1 of the SAIEES Constitution, a Professional Ecologist/Environmental Scientist is someone who is considered by the Board to be primarily an ecologist or environmental scientist, who makes his/her livelihood by exercising his/her scientific expertise and meets the following requirements:

(a) Academic

  • at least an honours degree (or equivalent) in a scientific discipline which encompasses the study of ecology and/or the natural environment, AND
  • a further post-graduate level degree in ecology and/or environmental science, which has been examined and passed.

(b) Professional

  • a minimum of three years' professional experience as a practicing ecologist or environmental scientist, attested to by a professional member of the Institute in good standing.

Eligibility for professional membership is assessed by a sub-committee of the Board, and is done against the criteria laid out above. In special cases, however, the Board may waive the academic requirement of a higher degree. In such cases experience will be critically assessed. Applicants must justify in their submissions the extent of their ecological/environmental science experience.

Subscription fees for 2016/2017

Membership Type Fee ZAR Fee USD
Professional R 750.00 $ 100.00
Associate R 600.00 $ 40.00
Libraries in SA R 600.00 $ 40.00
Libraries outside SA R 650.00 $ 50.00
Students R 300.00 $ 20.00


SAIEES Membership Application Form. [PDF]