Southern African Institute of Ecologists and Environmental Scientists

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NameKgobe, Mr Lesiba Sandrew
OrganizationKusile Power Station
Status/PositionEnvironmental Manager
ExpertiseMinimise financial and legal risk to be associated with environmental impacts. Establish and maintain environmental management system. Provide an environmental advisory and scientific service. Ensure compliance with environmental legislation. Monitor and repost on environmental performance. Investigate and report on environmental incidents. Management and administrative functions. Ensure proper management of waste, water and air emissions.
DegreesBSc Honours in Environmental Management, UNISA (2014); BTech Degree in Environmental Health, TUT (2010); National Diploma Environmental Health, TUT (1999)
Member Since2016-01-15
Membership TypeProfessional
Membership CategoryEnvironmental Scientist
Address004 Lingmoor complex, Spinetail Street
Celtisdal Ext. 20
Post Code0157
CountrySouth Africa